The Clients of Able Community Care

Our clients live throughout mainland UK and the Channel Islands. They range in age from early twenties to centenarians.

All our clients have one wish in common, the wish to remain living in their own home and community rather than moving into a residential care setting.

People we provide live-in care services to have a range of health problems which have resulted in either physical or mental health care needs or a combination of both.

However, each individual we care for has a different ‘job description’ relating to how they wish to continue to live in their own home. The domestic routines of many years can be maintained, personal care can be accessed at a time of choice and social activity and companionship enjoyed and encouraged.

It is the objective of a person’s Care Manager to introduce live-in care workers who are compatible with the needs of our clients and whom are liked by our clients. A regular rotational system of liked care workers can then be put in place. If situations change, then new people can be introduced. Live-in care workers, who are not compatible, will not return.

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