Unsolicited Client Comments from Users of Able Community Care's Services

"We express our thanks for your services over many years providing care at home for Mum, who sadly passed away yesterday. A special mention to S. and P. for their excellent care and dedication."
Bridget, David, Nigel and Angela.

"I would like to thank all those within Able Community Care for the tremendous care which they provided to my mother over the last two years as her health began to fail. (Carers & Care Managers)... were all so good with my mother and looked after her every need. At the same time, they made life a lot easier for myself, as I knew she was being well looked after and they would contact me if there were any issues. I wish to thank you all on behalf of all the family for the excellent service provided."
Jamie, Ayrshire.

"Thank you for all your hard work through the last few years on the long and sometimes difficult journey through Mum's illness. I just wanted to tell you how grateful we were to have Julie look after Mum in the last few years. She really did make Mum happy and calm when she was there."

"It's not easy taking care of someone in their last years of life but we all worked hard to keep our mum in her own home. Neighbours and relatives have shared their thoughts with the family. They say that carers and family alike have done the best possible and given her the patient care she deserved... ...Thank you for services rendered in the care of our mother and for the sympathy card which was much appreciated."
Joyce, Norfolk.

"My wife and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your organisation for supplying care for both of my parents, Mr and Mrs L, over all these years. Mother died 4 years ago but Dad (99 years old) has now settled into a nursing home nearby. Special thanks must go to Sam for organising all the carers so efficiently, also extra special thanks to the wonderful carers themselves, they really went the extra mile. Once again, thank you."
Alan, Oxfordshire.

"Thank you so much for all your fabulous support, help and advice whilst arranging carers for my mother. Your kindness and patience were exemplary and I know it wasn't always easy. We relied on Able for 17 years or so and you never let us down. Thank you."
Jane, Norfolk.

"Thank you for your care in providing suitable carers for my fasther's last months. It made a world of difference to him and us."
Jo, London.

"...I strove diligently to implement my mother's wishes but it would not have been possible without the excellent carers and general high quality service provided by your company. Between us I think my mother had as tolerable a last decade as human ingenuity could devise for which I am grateful... Please thank all those in your organisation who have assisted in some part to address the care needs of my mother and the funding arrangements..."
Michael, Cheshire.

"This will confirm my request to you to allow H. to remain with us for a further week... I would like you to document on her file what an excellent carer she has proved to be during this very difficult time with my mother. She has been conscientious about her responsibilities; She has checked on my mother through the night, never leaving my mother's side during the day when my mother has been awake, has tried so patiently to encourage her to eat and take fluid, talking to her, soothing her and generally being responsive to her every need."
Rosemary, Norfolk.

" ...I hasten to add that our decision to move Mrs H. into a care home in no way reflects badly on the work carried out by either M. or J. ...

"Both these ladies have delivered an exceptional level of loving and devoted care to Mrs H. over many years. They have become close friends to our family and I am sure that we will keep in touch in the future. Without their remarkable skill, team-work and devotion Mrs H. would have needed to move out of her home at least 10 years ago. Their professionalism and honesty have meant that my wife and I have always been completely confident that Mrs H., and her house, are well cared for even when we have been briefly away.

"I hope you will be able to find them both new work which suits their unique skills and if you need any further recommendation or reference, please let me know.

"Many thanks to you also for usually managing to maintain the sequence of J. and M. alternating. They are a remarkable team."
Ian, Hertfordshire.

"First may I say thank you for the excellent care my mother received during her last two years from your staff and the carers you supplied. It was a great relief to my brother and myself to know that she was in such safe hands. We got to know several of them personally, in particular M., L. and especially C. who coped so well during her last few days. Many thanks for your help and all you have done for us."
Alastair, West Yorkshire.

"Just a wee note to thank you for all your work on behalf of Mum these last few months. The extra care we arranged two months ago made a lot of difference in these last few weeks. Please could you extend my gratitude and appreciation to all the carers who looked after my Mum. She has been extremely well cared for under Able - C. in particular has been wonderful."
Carolyn, Dumfriesshire.

"We, in particular, would like to thank P., whose dedication to Floss was remarkable and very much appreciated. Unfortunately P. had to deal with Floss' health crises and was amazing with her care, through the nights as well as days. we cannot thank P. enough for her initiative, even when the doctors did not live up to their potential and she had to insist on more action. Please thank all those who came to our home and kept Floss company."
Janice and Chris, Norfolk.

"We were all so impressed by the service Pauline received from B. and all the care assistants employed by your agency that we would like you to know that we all decided that if we ever needed care this is the support we would like for ourselves."
Brenda, Volunteer Transport Co-ordinator, Notts.

"Many thanks, the carer appears to have similar hobbies to me. I would very much enjoy seeing K. again."
Elisabeth, Norfolk.

"Thank you for all your support and excellent standard of care that was given to Kate. the first few months were very difficult but with the help of Able Community Care and the carers these were soon solved, never giving up and always aiming to please. Near the end of Kate's life more work was involved, again help was always at hand. From the start to the finish of Kate's care Able Community Care and the carers have been marvellous. A very big thank you to all the wonderful workers and their help and support."
Mrs Hudd, Somerset.

"I would also like to take this opportunity of thanking you for the assistance with Brian's care over the past three years. In particular, G. and C. were wonderful companions during their time with Brian and showed such care and compassion, for which both Brian and I were extremely grateful."
Mrs Anderson, Derbyshire.

"I just wanted to say thanks for your help organising Mum and Dad's care over the last couple of years. The care you offer not only supports the clients but it offers a huge relief to all the family. We have been lucky enough to meet some wonderful carers, if you get the chance please pass on a heartfelt thanks to them all."
Jill, Norfolk.

"On behalf of my brother and myself I would like to thank you for the carers who worked with our parents. They worked diligently on diet and hygiene, in particular J. has much compassion and empathy for Mum. We would be very pleased for her to be scheduled on a two week basis."

"Thank you so much for your kind condolences. We all very much appreciate your diligence in finding the right carers for my father... A letter will be in the post very shortly, with letters for B. and A., expressing our appreciation, if you would be so kind as to forward them on to them."
Julian, Berkshire.

"Many thanks for all your trouble this year organising carers for Mum! Wishing you and your staff a happy new year!"
Tim, Surrey.

"I would like to thank you and Able for all you did for my father. You gave us a wonderful service, always there to talk and discuss, and all your staff were just excellent. Of carers, some Dad liked more than others...all were excellent, professional, willing and pleasant. J. and T. were the stars...T.'s experience and quiet calm were marvellous for us all. J. has been so good and we are all so pleased with N. too. To you personally J. I say thank you....for Dad to die peacefully at home after a long and active life was a great blessing."
Christopher, Suffolk.

"Thank you so much for arranging cover so efficiently at short notice. N. has arrived and is already a great hit with my mother."
Peter, Surrey.

(From a PCT to one of our carers & Cc.d to Able) "...I know you have done a fab job uder the circumstances and I am very happy with your role... ...thanks very much and I don't know what I or the family would have done without you."
Judith, Lincolnshire.

"Just to say thank you for three years of excellent care for both Dad and Mum - particular mention of V., who always gave 110%. Many, many thanks."
Sue, Wiltshire.

(From a Carer to one of our Care Managers.) "Dear J. A very small token of appreciation & especially to say thank you for keeping me busy on the dates that I request for. It means so much to me J. I have children who are both at Uni. and for one I pay international fees so it's hard if I don't keep busy. Thank you my dear. Sometimes it's hard to find the words that are able to express how kind and thoughtful people like you bring so much happiness. Thank you!"
Ngaa, Middlesex.

(From a new clients' daughter to their first carer.) "Thanks for helping my parents establish a routine that they can continue with future carers. I think they were very lucky to have you as their first carer, and I was very happy to have you with me for the remainder of my visit! I thought your life history was fascinating, and all credit to you for how far you have come. You have so much to give and are an inspiration to others! What a pity you are leaving on Tuesday - I'm apprehensive about how, my father in particular, will get on with future carers because as you know he is not the easiest of men."
Susan, by email.

"I would like to put on record the thanks of all the family for the care, kindness and attention given to my sister over the past months. She wanted to remain in her own home and the carers enabled her to do so. They became part of the family. Her GP also wanted her comments to be passed on - she described her care as superb. The teams, M. & V. and R. & G. worked well together and we appreciated all they did for my sister."
Pat, Bognor Regis.

"I am writing this letter to say how incredibly impressed I was with the four carers who looked after Ona who was my patient down in Chichester. They were always full of care and attention for her and were extremely helpful when I went on home visits. They definitely went the extra mile for Ona. I hope you will be kind enough to pass this on to them and I'll look forward to recommending your team to other patients."
Dr Barnett, Chichester.

"I write to say how grateful we are to have A. for three weeks, instead of two weeks, in the special circumstances which prevailed recently. We were extremely sorry to learn of the death of R's brother and quite understand that this made it impossible for her to come to us as planned. And it is so much better in my wife's interests if in such circumstances we can have a replacement like A., who knows us well, rather than a stranger. Thank you to K. and Able's admirable flexibility."
John, Cambridge.

"We would like to say how much we appreciated all the help and support we had from A. She had a very practical approach to all the problems and her sympathetic, kind and professional handling of our mother could not have been better during such a difficult time for our family."
Liz, Shipley.

"I would like to formally acknowledge the fantastic contribution that L. has made to the household over the past few years. We could not have managed without her cheerful disposition; her endless kindness and patience; her willingness to participate in family life and most of all her skill and expertise in caring for my Mum.

"I would also like to mention her honesty, reliability and excellent timekeeping together with her dedication to ensuring the best possible care for those she is responsible for.

"Her positive, friendly outlook meant that she soon became a very trusted part of our family and we will be very sad to lose her and hope a position can be found for her which allows her to stay in close contact with the family, especially Mum.

"As a result, I would definitely recommend L. for any position where a loved one needs special care and attention. Any family would be lucky to have her ensuring the safety and peace of mind of both them and the person she is looking after."
Sue, Sheffield.

"I wanted to thank you and all your staff for the help you gave us and our mother over several years. It was a real comfort to know that she was so well cared for in her own house. In particular I should like to say how excellent G. and T. were - they became a real team and kept the house running efficiently. They were professional, but also very caring and kind to my mother, who was not always easy! I admired the patient way they coped with her changing needs and increasing disabilities - often finding ingenious solutions but always with my mother's comfort in mind. G. left everything in the house clean and tidy; and I did feel very glad that she was with my mother when she died and coped with what had to be done thereafter so well. As I was abroad it was a great comfort to know I didn't have to worry.

"You personally were very helpful to me when I was trying to find out about pension credit and so on. I did get it all set up by July, but then had to dismantle it only three months later! Still now I know a bit more about the system!

"I feel we were especially fortunate to have G. and T. on such an extended basis, and the other carers who also came were exceedingly good with my mother. It is only sad that the "team" breaks up on the death, and we will miss them very much.

"With out thanks and very best wishes to you, Jackie and all in your office."
Rosa, London.

"I would like to thank you on behalf of all our family for all the work you did to keep my mother cared for over quite a few years - about 4 in all I think. The last three were truly blessed by the team of T. and G. who really were exceptional. I knew my mother was comfortable and as contented as she could be given the circumstances. We are eternally grateful that her last difficult years were made as good as they could be by your carers. It is really sad that the amazing team who were gathered to look after my mother have dispersed, but I hope to keep in touch with some of them at least and no doubt others will benefit from their expertise."
Rosa, London.

"May we take this opportunity to express our grateful thanks for the excellent service you have provided over the years and we would particularly like to place on record our appreciation of the way our two regular carers have gone about their duties. Both have been absolutely brilliant in their own different ways and we would have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone finding themselves in a similar situation to ourselves. Once again on behalf of the family thank you for everything."
Sheila, Manchester.

"I am writing to thank you for your help in arranging care for my late Auntie. If it hadn't been for the good carers you provided she would not have been able to spend the last 7 weeks of her life at home. It was extremely important to the family that she was able to do that. So we very much appreciate the support you gave."
Barbara, Norfolk.

"I shouldn't let this moment pass without recording my gratitude to you and your carers (and all the backroom people in The Old Parish Rooms) for the support given to my aunt in this last year. She, to say the least, was not always the easiest of subjects, being somewhat set in her ways and not always her rational self. At her best she was very grateful to her helpers and realised that without them she would not have been able to stay in her own home. She had only four days in hospital at the end and even then she had the kind attendance of D., who was actually with her when she died. Again, my thanks."
John, Salisbury.

"Thank you for your kind sympathy card and for all your help in the provision of care for my late sister. The carers were all of exceptional quality - kind, patient and professional, and kept the house in immaculate condition. This was all so helpful at such a difficult time."
Christine, Dorset.

"Just a quick note to thank you and all your staff, office and carers, who have been supportive and understanding over the many long years. 2002 was when D., our first carer, arrived and I was blessed to have Mum at home until she died. I could not have done this without your service. Many thanks."
Karen, Dumfries.

"I would like to just mention how wonderful it has been to have A. as my carer for the last 4 years. She is always happy, warm hearted, caring and a very good cook, and we get on very well, in fact when she goes off duty we miss each other and feel lost. Having A. has changed my quality of life and I am so happy to have such a wonderful friend as a carer. I just cannot explain on paper what a lovely person she is to be be with. C. is also a very good caring person and we also get on well together. All in all I am very happy with the regime I have and would not want it to change."
C., Jersey.

"Thank you for your condolence and also for your superb efficiency."
Gillian, Suffolk.

"As you know, our mother died this week and we would like to thank you very much indeed for the excellent service you have given over the past seven years. C. and C. have now been alternating carers for our mother for around five years and have always given exemplary service. Our mother was cared for exceptionally well - she was always clean, well fed and the house was well looked after. Both C. and C. were completely trustworthy, welcoming to us and had a very good relationship with our mother. In the last year or so, it must have been very difficult for them as she was asleep in her chair most of the time, but she was still fed, changed and kept cheerful. When our father was alive (he died three years ago), they cared for him also and just as competently. Future clients who are assigned C. or C. will be very lucky indeed."
Rosalind, Dorset.

"I am just writing to let you know that my Dad died on Saturday. Thank you so much for all your help with providing care, we all liked S. and she proved to be a real friend to us all."
Fiona, Cheshire.

"I would like to thank you very much for sending me two good carers to see me through the last two weeks on my return from hospital. Should I require any help at a later date I will not hesitate to contact you and will recommend you to my friends. Best wishes and again many thanks."
Mary, Great Yarmouth.

"Thank you very much for your kind and thoughtful letter after the death of my father. It was a great comfort, as we prepared for his funeral, to know that so many people were thinking about him. I'm also immensely grateful to your team, and particularly to Jackie and his regular carers, L. and S. for making it possible for him to stay in his own home until the end and for helping to keep his character alive - in spite of all that Alzheimer's could throw at him, his twinkle and chuckle prevailed."
Peter, Ipswich.

"I would just like to thank Able Community Care for the wonderful care they gave my father. Your service was wonderful and made the last 8 weeks of his life very special. Your carers were truly special people. I would like to pass on my special thanks to C., L. and P. who all shone! My father really enjoyed getting to know them and loved their company. He was really looking forward to seeing both L. and C. again over the coming weeks. Sadly for him it wasn't to be. P. was wonderful on the day he died and really helped my brother and I cope through that day. It was also so kind of her to come to my father's funeral."
Linden, High Wycombe.

"Just to say many thanks for sorting out the arrangements for Xmas and the New Year. J. and A. are an excellent team, and I very much appreciate your efforts in keeping it so. I can scarcely believe that my mother is now 101 years old, and that she has been an Able client for some 8.5 years. "Tempus Fugit" indeed!"
Neil, Lichfield.

"This is a letter of gratitude to you all at Able Care for the team-work I and my family have experienced throughout my step-mother's time at Salisbury. The star of the show is T. who was with us for 6 years. A lady of compassion and efficiency carrying out her tasks with humour and courtesy. The same can be said of course of E. who was with us a shorter time. It was an honour and pleasure to have dealt with them both. I am sure that my sister joins me in wishing you all best seasonal greetings."
Edward, Chalfont St Giles.

"I told N. and J. that I would put in writing to you my high regard for their care of my sister, Pauline, and their support and encouragement to me when I was also here at 180. I found in each of then an inner strength and a gentleness of manner and touch that makes them excellent carers and also good at carrying responsibility for day to day running of the house. I hope you can record my appreciation on their personal files which you no doubt have for each carer on your books. I also want to thank you for your supervision and management; it must be six months since you came to meet Pauline over at Henderson Ward. You have always been helpful and supportive in what has not always been a straightforward assignment. With my best wishes."
Patricia, Norwich.

"Thank you and Able for your help over the last two and a half years and particularly for the introduction to M. who has proved to be a superb Carer and became a family friend. There is no-one I could recommend more highly for her devotion and experience with a patient who was deteriorating all the time. She never lost heart, and at the end is as desolate as I am that my husband has had to go into residential care. We shall remain friends. You are very lucky to have her on your books. Your last Carer, V. is also excellent and I recommend her highly to anyone."
Jane, Kent.

"Thank you very much for the excellent service that you are providing for my mother."
Mirna, Norwich.

"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support your firm has provided to my father over the last few years. Both S. and A. looked after my father very well and I know my father appreciated their company as well as the care they provided."
Russell, Nuneaton.

"We have been extremely happy with the service we received from your company and would not hesitate to use Able's services again. C. was exactly as described and she and Rory got on really well. The cats really liked her too. We were consequently able to head off on holiday feeling completely comfortable about leaving them all in her care.

"I would appreciate it if you would pass on these comments to the rest of the team."
Sarah, Norfolk.

"I just wanted to say thank you for the care and companionship provided by many and all your care team for my mother, Eve."
Graham, Berkshire.

"I thought it appropriate to send yourself and Angela Gifford copies of the 100th Birthday Card to my mother from the Queen. Many thanks for all your help and assistance during the last 7+ years."
Neil, Lichfield.

"I write on behalf of my brother and myseld to say how delighted we are with L. and A. who were seconded to us to take care of our mother in Stockport... ...We could not have wished for better or more caring service from both girls."
Jo, Stockport.

"I would like to thank you for being efficient and reliable."
Claire, Crawley.

"Just to let you know how delighted we have been with the loving care & attention our mother has been receiving for the last month, with her carers M. & S. She is looking better now than she has for years, happy, relaxed, content & clearer thinking. Nothing is too much trouble for the 2 carers, whatever makes Mum happy (& the family) they go to endless trouble."
Patricia, Jak, James & William.

"My father has been living happily in his own home at the age of ninety-six with the help of 24 hour care. After local care of three visits for short periods each day, plus family help, this constant care was a real blessing for us all. Once the care plan was established the changeover of carers was accepted and more often than not enjoyed as a new visitor would be with an exchange of stories. For the family it meant peace of mind as Able recruited carers, overseeing details and responding to any queries through the Care Manager.

"I would certainly recommend this agency to others like ourselves wanting to enable a parent to remain in their own home."
Gillian, Bishops Waltham.

"I Nerinder am writing to say how pleased I am with the care I receive from your two employees G. and S. They treat me with respect as one would their own children... Please pass on my thanks to your employees and I look forward to a long lasting relationship with these two carers."
Nerinder, Coventry.

"Many thanks for all your help - G. did a fantastic job. Look forward to maybe doing more business with you in the future."
Harry, Norfolk.

"I am writing to commend your carer, S., who cared for my husband for the week from his hospital discharge until he died. Spiwe's professionalism, sensitivity and discretion were very important to us both during those very difficult days.
Kath, Cheshire.

"I want you to know that our experience with Able has been wonderful. A Godsend. L., M. and J. were fantastic, beyond the call of duty. They were not only experienced and capable... they were caring and humane. Really good people. The loving attention that M. and J. were able to give my mother in those terrible, last few days was heroic. They sat with my mother round the clock, looking after her physical and emotional needs. My family will always be indebted."
John, Norwich.

"My husband and I would like you to know how delighted we were with H. when she came to look after my husband while I had a respite week away. She looked after my husband excellently. H. is a very dedicated carer. Thank you for sending her to us."
Pauline, Shropshire.

"Thanks to the help of your staff, particularly my care manager, and the carers who came to look after me, I am making good progress and managing well on my own. I must name R., C. and particularly B. who all gave me understanding care and GOOD FOOD, well presented. They were cheerful and good shoppers. I would have them back any time."
Dorothy, Windsor.

"Angela, I just went to see my client Mrs. B. yesterday who I introduced to you, she was full of praise for your services and very grateful for my referral... Thanks for your good care, I am pleased that I put you both in touch."
Jill Pullin, Senior Consultant, Alan Boswell Group.

"...I would like to thank all members of Able who have given us help over the long years. But I also would like to thank you personally for your kindness and flexibility.

"In addition I would like to add a word on behalf of T. who really held it altogether for the last year of so. He really is the most compassionate and caring person and I hope you will continue to use him..."
Daniele, Kingston on Thames.

"...when Seymour was taken ill and had to go into hospital by ambulance (with me)... P. stayed behind, cleared up, washed & hung out the sheets, sorted out the incoming replacement carer who had arrived by train. He then drove her himself back to the station to return to her home in Yarmouth. This was typical of his initiative and sense of responsibility. He was so caring and gentle with Seymour.

"He cooperated with the Nightingale carers who came in for 3/4 hour morning and evening... P. worked things out sensibly. He also took over the entire cooking and washing up of the evening meal and they were really good.

"I know it was a hard work placement and P. gave it his all, for which we were so grateful to him. Please thank him again from us when you are in contact with him."
Susan, Norwich.

"...I would like to thank you for your support over the last, what is I believe nearly 5 years. It is important that we record the fact that we hold N. in the highest regard. She has been outstanding from the first day she arrived (in an emergency!)..."
Adrian, Pavenham.

"Ian and I are very grateful to Able Community Care for the service provided for him since his discharge from hospital last May. The agency has always been highly efficient and reliable - and the carers have shown an unfailingly caring and professional approach to their work..."
Sarah, Derby.

"What a lovely surprise to receive your flowers... We have always been so grateful to you for all the carers Mike has had. There are so many to name - but particularly M. and K. who became part of the family. They gave Mike a quality of life that would have been not so possible in a home. Thank you."
Chris and Barry, Hatfield.

"...I must formally pass on our profound thanks to G. for the high standard of care and attention she showed at all times and for the professional approach she managed to maintain during the whole period of care.

"We would be willing to provide a formal reference at any time, should it be required, and would like to pass on our very best regards to G. and would also like to wish her continued success in her chose career."
Lyn, Barnstaple.

"I would like to thank you very much for the management of your Able Community Carers since 1998 (if not the year before!).

"...Your carers have been wonderful, especially the carers who provided Mum with such great continuity recently and in the past.

"Many carers worked so very well with Mum: J., in the early days; B. was very helpful; C.; M.; G. of course was a very great favourite with Mum; E.; C. and R. gave Mum a special continuity this last year or so. R. is really excellent and Mum warmed to her kindness. C. was exemplary in the last few days Mum was at home. C. was very kind and a good carer. There were many others in between who showed good care and kindness to Mum.

"I am sure my mother would thank very many of your carers from the bottom of her heart... Without this good care, Mum would not have spent a generally pleasant time over these years in her own home. For this our family thanks you..."
Jane, Bedford.

"Following the death of my father, the carer originally supplied by you to look after him, R., has left us for the last time.

"I would like to mark this occasion by telling you of my total satisfaction with the service received from all your staff, both those in the office and the carers in the field... ...we could not have received kinder and more thoughtful back-up from J. at all times...

"...R. has been unstinting in her care for my father, going well beyond the call of duty... ...The regular care that R. gave my father could not be faulted; her cooking was exactly right for an old man, she knew exactly how to care for the various physical problems he suffered from and she accepted all the changes in his condition with equanimity. She taught me a lot both technically and intuitively.

"During the last few days of my father's life... ...it was R. who spent hours at the hospital with him holding his hand and comforting him as he sank. Then when he died she did everything that was necessary... ...collecting his things, liaising with the undertakers and the church about his funeral, washing everything that could be washed in his house and cleaning it up completely ready for sale, then doing all the preparations for the family wake following the funeral.

"She has been the most wonderful support to both my my father and myself these last two years and the most understanding of companions on the other end of the phone. I cannot thank her enough."
Rosemary, Bristol.

"Thank you so much for all the excellent care which you so cleverly and professionally provided for the welfare of my mother.

"M. was outstandingly loving, caring and patient doing absolutely everything possible... ...M. has now become a close friend (and another surrogate sister!!) and loves mum as much as we all do... ...we all appreciate the hard work and imaginative caring she did - beyond the call of duty. I can't really give her enough praise - especially with her wonderful culinary skills.

"I can only express our deepest gratitude for giving me the opportunity of welcoming her into the arms of my entire family - all of whom agree that she is a truly wonderful person."
Mary, Suffolk.

"I just wanted to write to thank you for all the care and attention you and your agency have shown us all over the last few years.

"Both my mother (Pam) and step-father (David) have managed to stay at home and hang on to their independence, largely due to all the help we have received from I., J., C. and K. Their care and attention to detail has been wonderful.

"I know my mother was a free spirit and caused a fair bit of worry for them to start with. She also took a wee while to accept extra help in the house and with David. When she did accept it, I think she got quite a lot out of having company around the house.

"When I took K. to the hospital last week to see David, I was so terribly touched by her lovely way with him, her caring words and her lovely voice - a true gem of a person with a terrific sense of humour. It must be very hard being in that job when the end is so obvious.

Enough said, but a big thank you from us all round for a job well done."
Sally, Selkirk.

"My mother received excellent care from W. and J. Each was not just efficient, but looked after her with sensitivity and affection. She was happy with them and the arrangement seemed to suit us all. It's unfortunate that it wasn't for longer. Would you also thank Mr Gifford who made visits to us in Derbyshire, and who did much to allay any of our initial misgivings. Do tell him we would not hesitate to recommend Able Communmity Care."
Geraldine, Derby.

"The family just wish to thank you for the carers you have provided for my mother, in particular we must emphasize the care and compassion that J. showed during these past few weeks. She has been quite exceptional in her duties and attention to mother"
Angela, Winchester.

"May I thank you and all the carers for the kindness that has been showed towards my mother. It very much improved her quality of life in her final years. I must express a very special thanks to E., who was caring for my mother for two and a half years and performed an outstanding job. The relationship between them was special and I do believe that E. was as upset as I was at the death."
S.W., Cheltenham.

"I would just like to express my thanks to the majority of staff involved in my brother, Peter's, care. His stay in his own home was longer than expected because of the dedication of several of his carers. I would like to thank especially J., whose dedication and extra special care was much appreciated by us and other members of Peter's family. Without her help Peter would have found moving home a lot harder."
Linda, Reading.

"May I take this opportunity to thank you all for the input into the care required for my mum. Special thanks go out to B. and J., who are a credit to your company."
Lorraine, Coventry.

"My mother is extremely fortunate to have two such brilliant Carers."
Linda, Cornwall.

"We have so far been very pleased with the quality of care delivered by the carers, and by your helpful attitude and courtesy whenever I have contacted you."
Caroline, North Yorkshire.

"My sisters and I wanted to put on record our appreciation for the services your agency has provided in the selection and provision of carers to our mother over the past two and a half years. The breadth of your agency's coverage has enabled you to provide carers who have been sympathetic to our Mum's needs and equally importantly, attuned to her personality. In particular, I would like you to be aware of the dedicated and compassionate support given by C. and S. who have cared for Mum throughout the period. We have also been well served on a temporary basis by C. and D."
Keith, Bicester.

"I would like to express on behalf of all the family our gratitude to your organization and to all the carers who looked after my mother so well. Your service is excellent and we would be glad to recommend your organization to anyone."
Hilary, Southampton.

"This is just a few lines to place on record our grateful thanks to you and Able Community Care for providing an excellent service which has enabled us to keep Raymond in his own home... We are indebted to E. and C. who have been sympathetic and devoted carers to Raymond. Having them has made life a lot easier for his family and in fact they have become friends of his and us."
Diane and David, Morpeth.

"Thank you and all your staff and especially your carers, for the excellent, kind and considerate help which you all gave to my mother... I would not hesitate to recommend Able Community Care to anyone... I am convinced that your organisation is one of the very best. Possibly this is in no small way due to your short chain of command and the personal attention that you gave to the enterprise."
Nancy, Abingdon.

"I would like to take the opportunity to commend the standard of care provided by C. and N. ... It has been apparent that both women have consistently provided the highest possible standards of care..."
Jean, Barnsley.

"...I do want to thank you, with all my heart, for the help, kindness and understanding shown me by Able... Without that, I am not sure my aunt could have stayed in her own home... Certainly, with Able carers, my life was made easier than in previous years..."
Jean, Tadworth.

"...Thank you for all your care and support that has allowed mother to remain at home for three years since father died - a time that has been happier for her than any of us had dared to think possible."
Michael, London.

"...We should like to express our appreciation to you for the efficient and helpful way in which you have provided carers for (our client) over the past couple of years. We have found the carers to be most helpful and genuinely caring, and by being able to establish a pattern of regular carers, (our client's) condition was able to stabilise and her final years made as comfortable as possible. We would not hesitate to use the services of your agency again should the need arise."
Solicitors, Bury St. Edmunds.

"Very many thanks for your wonderful flowers - I know mummy would have appreciated your kind thoughts. She lived to a great age, largely due to the fact she remained in her own home. This is most important in my view, and contributed to an old persons quality of life... Many thanks for the excellent attention throughout the years."
Valerie and Leonard.

"...Many thanks for all your help in providing the carers to look after my mother. She met some exceptionally nice people through your agency..."
Ingrid, Cambridge.

"Thank you for finding so many carers who looked after June so well and particularly for continuing to provide them as June's condition and dependency required more particular care. As you know, June's independence was very important to her and when that virtually ended, her main fear was having to go into a home. You and your carers spared her that ordeal; thanks again."
Ron, Bishops Stortford.

"...sincere thanks for your service, help and support received over the past years in the care of my late mother. It was always her fervent wish never to go into an old age home and with your help and the help of some really wonderful carers, I have been able to grant her wish, and for this we are truly thankful... For the help and assistance you have given us, we are always pleased to recommend your agency most highly."
Keith, Birmingham.

"...thank you and all at Able for helping me out last week. I was impressed by your delivery of service and the procedures you had in place should anything go wrong. Also the clarity in the way you explain things..."
Cathal, London.

"Thank you all for your help over many years with my parents... D. was an absolute treasure and has become a great family friend..."
Ian, Rutland.

"...I will never forget our interview with you (the worries and anxieties I felt at that time, knowing we couldn't carry on alone and yet not wanting to 'abandon ship') and your assurances that if I had any concerns you would be at the end of the phone. Thank you for your kindness on that day and during subsequent telephone conversations... I know with the help from yourself and Able's carers, my dear old Dad had the best that we could provide and his wish to stay in his own home was fulfilled..."

"...thank you all for providing my mother with such good carers over the years. You have made her final years much happier than they might otherwise have been and made my life much easier..."
Eddie, Hitchin.

"...Your 'gazettes' are something that I always look forward to reading. They are so well done and provide a blend of useful information, general tips and various tidbits that raise a smile..."
Henry, Harpenden.

"...I would like to place on record my personal thanks and those of my father and family to Able Community Care for the excellent service you have provided my father for the last two years. The high level of care he received enabled him to stay in his own home for far longer than was ever anticipated, ensuring not only his well being but also the family's peace of mind... I realise that there are many people 'behind the scenes' at Able who have worked so hard to ensure the smooth operation of organising and placing the carers, and I am most grateful to you; the care managers and other staff at Able who have been so understanding and considerate whenever I have telephoned for advice or help..."
Heather, Doncaster.

"...There is no doubt that the high standard of carers from Able, supported by the quietly efficient support and organisation from your offices, contributed greatly in making his last years of as high a quality as possible. Interchange and replacement of carers was conducted smoothly, with minimum of stress to Dad, whilst allowing him to be involved to the maximum extent..."
Chris, Cirencester.

"...I can only praise the patience and standard of care which was maintained by your carers, often under very difficult circumstances. We shall certainly be very happy to use your agency again if the need arises."
Hazel, Alton.

"...thank you for your services, which I found to be first class. You were an answer to my prayers and I was very happy with the way things worked out. For my mother to be in her own home was worth every penny..."
Helen, Solihull.

"I am writing to express my appreciation to the management and staff of you agency for their support and service over the recent extended holiday period... I am grateful for the way your staff undertook additional work in organising carers to cover care, and to ensure service users were not left in a vulnerable position. Please pass on my thanks to all involved in the planning and delivery of care."
Social Services, Hampshire County Council.

"I am writing to thank you and your staff for all your hard work in providing cover over the millenium period. Careful planning and hard work has paid off..."
Social Services, City of Coventry.

"...It has been most reassuring to us to be able to rely on your staff to be there when needed most... We would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending your organisation to any future clients."
Peter, Wickford.

"...We should like to thank you an all the staff at Able for the wonderful service we received from you to help care for my parents over many years. It was lovely that my mother was able to stay on for such a lengthy period after my father's death. She loved her cottage and garden and, thanks to your carers' loving attention, she was able to enjoy it to the full. We are deeply grateful to you for that..."
Prudence, Nazeing.

"...I want to thank you for all your help over 6 years. Your staff have been wonderfully helpful (often with very short notice!), and Able Community Care has contributed greatly to Mum's being able to stay in her own home..."
Susan, St. Albans.

"We are writing to express our sincere thanks to all your staff of carers who managed to make the last year so much more bearable and indeed, even happy at times for Marjorie... The dedication of the carers and the support they gave us during the difficult last months was extraordinary and we cannot ever repay them for that"
Sue and Peter, Woking.

"...thank you for your support over the last 18 months, as you know, Daddy very sadly passed away on Sunday. I am sure we have not been your easiest client, but you never let us down"
Mary and Wendy, London.

"I was delighted to again receive the Able Community Care Gazette No.20. It is always a pleasure to get this and to read the hints and the gossipy bits... The Gazette always brings you back to our minds and reminds us that you are there for the time when the unexpected might happen and we are anxious to call on you for help..."
Henry, Harpenden.

"Test CSC"
Ryan, London.

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