Clients with Alzheimer's Disease and Live-in Care

Profiles of Clients with Alzheimer's Disease receiving Live-in Care at home from Able Community Care

Oscar, who is in his early eighties, lives in a rural town and has the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Oscar has a large, supportive but busy family and Able Community Care was asked to provide a ‘respite’ service. The first period of respite for the family was in July 2012. The live-in carer was accepted by Oscar and his family and the same carer has since been back for two other periods with a further two booked in advance for the coming months.

Joan is in her 80’s and although physically fit has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. In 2013 her family decided to try a live-in care package and the system has been in place since then. The first live-in care worker introduced to Joan is one of her 3 regular care workers who return to Joan on a regular basis. A recent comment about Joan’s care package was that Able Community Care had ‘the ability to be flexible and to listen’. 

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