Clients with Cerebral Palsy and Live-in Care

Profiles of Clients with Cerebral Palsy receiving Live-in Care at home from Able Community Care

Keith is now in his seventies and has CP. He came to Able Community Care in 2001 for a live-in carer scheme. Keith has a current, regular, rotational system of two, live-in care workers. The first one became his carer in 2001 and his current, second, live-in carer was introduced to Keith in April 2012. Keith lives in the North of England.

Michael has Cerebral Palsy and in 2008 he already had a live-in care system in place but this was not complete. Able Community Care were asked if they could slot in as part of the existing team. The live-in carer we introduced to Michael in February 2008 is still his regular carer from Able Community Care. Through his live-in care system Michael, now in his middle twenties, can follow his favourite football club, maintain his interest in boxing and has been enabled to attend college.

Keith is a gentleman now in his early 70’s. His social worker approached Able Community Care for a live-in care package for Keith in early 2001. Keith needed care because he has cerebral palsy and wished to stay in his own home with support. Keith goes to a day centre twice a week and has two regular live-in carers on his roster. Carer one first went to Keith in 2001 and his second live-in carer became part of the team in April 2012.

Kane is in his late 20’s and came to Able Community Care in 2004. Kane is quadriplegic as a result of CP and requires total care with his personal, domestic and social care. Kane has a fully individualised home and our live-in care workers are helped out by hourly care workers each day. A social life is important to Kane and his live-in care workers enable him to have one. The second, live-in care worker introduced to Kane in 2004 is still a regular care worker on his rota.

Shaun is in his 40’s and has Cerebral Palsy. In 2009 he came to Able Community Care for a live-in care package. Shaun attends a day centre, has hobbies and enjoys social activities all of which are supported by his live-in care workers in addition to the provision of personal and domestic care. Shaun has two live in carers who rotate, one of whom was introduced to Shaun in 2009 and his second one in 2010.

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