Clients with Confusion or Dementia and Live-in Care

Profiles of Clients with Confusion or Dementia receiving Live-in Care at home from Able Community Care

Helen, in her 70’s sustained a bad fall and as a result her short term memory is poor, she is liable to further falling and now in addition, Helen suffers with confusion and anxiety. Living alone, Helen had very little social life but wanted to make more contact with the outside world and also to remain living at home as she had two pet cats. A live–in care service began for Helen in 2012 and she has three regular, returning carers on her rota.

Carol was in her 50’s in late 2011 and was in a nursing home. She had been diagnosed with dementia but wished to return to a home in the community. With the help of her social worker she was enabled to achieve her wish in November 2011. Carol has two live-in care workers on her rota, the first live-in carer was introduced to Carol in December 2011 and her second live-in carer in January 2012.

Toni was in her late eighties when her family came to Able Community Care in April in 2013 because Toni was displaying signs of dementia and needed care to remain living in her own home. At the time of the families approach to us, Toni had moved into a residential care home but was unhappy. Toni returned home and the first carer who was introduced is part of the regular rota with a further carer who was introduced in May.

Queenie is in her eighties and is confused at times. Living at home with her beautiful garden, watching the wildlife who visit, birds and foxes, and having the companionship of her dog, Queenie nor her family wished her to move into a care home. A few months ago the first live-in carer was introduced to her and her home and has become one of two, regular, live-in care workers who enable Queenie to continue to enjoy the home and environment she has lived in for many years.

Yvonne in 2012 was in her nineties and as a result of her dementia required care and constant supervision. Her husband provided her care and the supervision to keep her safe. Sadly, he died and her family wished her to remain in her own home and a live-in carer package was arranged through Able Community Care in 2012. Yvonne has three regular, live-in carers on her roster all of whom were first introduced to her in 2012.

Bettina was born in 1923 and though still physically active in 2005, she was showing signs of dementia. A live-in care package commenced and in 2008 one regular live-in care worker, Kate, was purchased by the family. Able Community Care now provides live-in care cover, working on a rotational system with Kate. The live-in care worker from Able Community Care is a regular carer and was introduced to Bettina in 2009.

Anne lives in a small town in the county where she was born and has lived all her life. Now in her 90’s Anne maintains her interest in local matters and events. In 2013 Anne's memory began to decline to an unsafe level and she decided, with her family, that to remain in her own home safely, a live-in care package should be considered. A live-in care package was introduced and has continued since that time. Anne has two regular, live-in carers who support her in her domestic, personal and social care requirements.

Rene is in her early 80’s and has been diagnosed with dementia. Her main interest in life is nature, animals and birds plus her pet dog. Life in a care home was not attractive to her and Rene decided to try a live-in care scheme as an option. This was in 2013. Her first live-in carer is one of her regular carers and Rene’s dog is an inclusive part of her care plan.

Beryl and her family first came to Able Community Care in 2008 for respite care. Beryl had the onset of dementia but needed additional care other than family care as she had recently had a hip replacement operation. In 2012 the family decided that as Beryl had become more frail and needed help with all tasks domestic and help with all personal care, that a continuous, live-in care package should begin. Beryl has received total care since then and has two rotational, live in care workers.

Kelly, in her late 70’s was in a care home as a result of advancing dementia. However, Kelly wanted to return to her family home and in 2012 her advocate and Kelly choose to trial a return home with a live-in care package. The package is successful and Kelly has two regular live-in care workers who were introduced to her in 2013.

Ethel is in her 80’s and lives in an island situation. In 2013, wanting to remain in her own home but with an increasing dementia problem, a live-in carer package was suggested and taken up. Ethel goes to a day centre twice a week, which she enjoys and the live-in care worker can take their breaks at this time. Ethel also enjoys home cooking and companionship. Ethel has two regular live-in care workers. 

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