Clients who are Couples with Live-in Care

Profiles of Couples receiving Live-in Care at home from Able Community Care

Frederick and Kate are both in their 80’s and have differing problems. Frederick is frail with poor mobility but independent as to how he wishes to spend the day. Kate has dementia and is active in that she enjoys helping with small jobs round their home, is chatty and happy but needs constant supervision. Care commenced in their home in September 2011 and they have two main, live-in carers rotating. One Carer was introduced to Frederick and Kate in March 2012 followed by their second preferred Carer in July 2012.

Norman has MS and is cared for by his wife with support from an hourly care agency. In 2007 the family came to Able Community Care to ask if we would provide respite care for Norman’s wife to have breaks and would we be happy to work with the hourly support company. We were happy to do so and since then we have been providing respite cover for Norman which has been provided by a total of 3 Live-in Carers only.

Kate and Thomas have been married for 60 years and have no children. Kate sadly had a stroke and her mobility is badly affected. Not wanting to move into residential care, Able Community Care were asked to provide a live-in carer scheme to help both Kate and Thomas stay in their own home. Care commenced in September 2012 and has been continuous since then. Kate and Thomas’s first live in carer is now part of a regular rota with the second live-in carer who was introduced for the second fortnight.

Thelma and her husband came to Able Community Care in 2005 because they wished to remain living together in their own home. Both Thelma and her husband needed care and support. Sadly Thelma’s husband died in 2011 but we still continue to care for Thelma who is now aged 95. The first carer introduced to their home in 2005 is still one of two live-in carers on Thelma’s rota. The second live-in carer was introduced in January 2012.

Grace and her husband have spent over 65 years together and wished to stay together in their own home. Grace is frail with poor mobility and Ken, is unable to walk without help. They have a private live-in carer who works alternate weeks and requested a live-in care worker from Able Community Care to ensure continuous cover. Grace and Ken now enjoy a regular roster of one live-in care worker engaged privately and a returning live-in care worker from Able Community Care.

Una and Thomas are in their 90’s. Una has Alzheimer’s disease and Thomas poor sight, but was Una’s carer. Twelve months ago it was decided that they needed help to remain living in their own home. Their supportive family, who live some distance away, agreed. A live-in care package commenced and now there are two regular live-in care workers enabling Una and Thomas to exercise their choice to maintain their independence in their home of choice. 

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