Clients with Learning Disabilities and Live-in Care

Profiles of Clients with Learning Disabilities receiving Live-in Care at home from Able Community Care

Trevor is a gentleman in his 50's with Learning Disabilities. He moved into a home of his own as his parents were now elderly and wanted him to become as independent as possible. Social Services facilitated his move into a home of his own and live-in care commenced in July 2011. Trevor had a known carer from when he lived at home who provides his live-in care on a regular rota basis working with the live-in carers of Able Community Care. The first Able Community Care carer who was introduced to Trevor is still one of his two regular carers and the second regular on Trevor's rota was introduced to him in September 2012.

Ken is in his late 60’s and has Learning Disabilities. Ken is also wheelchair dependent and requires total personal, social and domestic care. It is not safe for Ken to be left on his own, so when Able Community Care were asked to provide live-in care for Ken in 2009, an outside hourly care agency was also commissioned to come in to cover our live-in carer's breaks. Ken's current live–in carer rota consists of two regular live–in carers who were, in turn, introduced to Ken in January 2012 and in December 2012.

Kate is in her 50’s with a learning disability. Wanting to live in the community in 2005 with the aid of her social worker she was enabled to do so with a Live-in care worker package from Able Community Care. Kate currently has two main care workers, one who was introduced to her in May 2010 and the second in August 2013. 

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