Clients with Multiple Sclerosis and Live-in Care

Profiles of Clients with Multiple Sclerosis receiving Live-in Care at home from Able Community Care

Colin is in his 50's and has MS which has progressed steadily. Able Community Care provides Colin with a live-in carer service assisted by an outside hourly, care agency who come in four times a day to help with transfers, etc.  Colin attends a day centre and is supported by his GP surgery, his family and his local Social Services office.  Our continuous live-in care service began for Colin in June 2009.

Denise was diagnosed with MS when she was in her early 20’s. Eleven years later in order to remain living in her own home a live-in carer service was advised. Able Community Care began providing a continuous service from that date. Denise has two regular, main carers, one who joined her rota in 2007 and her second carer joined in 2010.

Teri, in her early 50’s has advanced MS and requires help with all personal, domestic and social care. Able Community Care began to provide Teri with a live-in carer service in April 2010 and now are assisted daily by the input of a local hourly care agency for specific joint tasks. Teri has a regular rota of three carers who were introduced to her in November 2011, June 2012 and December 2012.

Owen, ten years ago needed all personal, domestic and social care. Owen was non weight bearing as a result of MS. Via Social Services Owen came to Able Community Care for a live-in care package and care has been continuous since that time. Owen's main rota of live-in carers is made up of one carer who has been with Owen for ten years and currently a second carer who has been on Owen's rota for one year.

Stephan is in late middle age and has MS. In 2009, wishing to remain in his own home but having high dependency care needs, he decided to try a live-in care package to enable him to continue to live in his own neighbourhood and near his family members. Once in place, Stephan enjoyed the independence it gave him and the package has continued. Stephan is wheelchair dependent and the live-in carer in place has assistance from an outside agency four times daily to assist with transfers. Stephan’s current regular rota of two carers is made up of a carer who was introduced into Stephan’s home in 2009 and the second carer in 2012.

Norman has MS and is cared for by his wife with support from an hourly care agency. In 2007 the family came to Able Community Care to ask if we would provide respite care for Norman’s wife to have breaks and would we be happy to work with the hourly support company. We were happy to do so and since then we have been providing respite cover for Norman which has been provided by a total of 3 Live-in Carers only.

Erica is a lady in her 40’s with MS. Able Community Care commenced caring for Erica in July 2008 and cover has been continuous since that time. Able Community Care’s live-in carers work with an outside agency for transfers and Erica’s current live-in carer has been on a regular rota since first being introduced in July 2008.

Fergus was diagnosed with MS in 1994 when he was in his early 30’s and in February of that year, Able Community Care began providing a live-in care worker package. For the last twenty years we have provided a live-in care worker package to Fergus in his own home. During this long period Fergus has had several regular rosters of care workers and this continues. The live-in care worker who is with Fergus as this profile is written was first introduced to him in 2005. The live-in care worker taking over at the end of this week was first introduced to Fergus in 2008.

In 2010, Neil and his wife realised that because of Neil having MS, a live-in care worker service should be engaged. Able Community Care was chosen. The arrangements surrounding personal and domestic care tasks were worked out between Neil’s wife and the live-in care workers satisfactorily. Neil has now become less able and additional help comes in three times a day and there is DN support. The first care worker in 2010 is still Neil’s main carer and his second regular carer currently, began in April 2013.

Shaun is in his 60’s and has MS. In 2009, wishing to stay in his own home he was introduced to Able Community Care by his social worker. His care commenced within a few weeks. Shaun is high dependency and an outside care agency comes in to help with transfers. Shaun has two regular live-in carers, both of whom were introduced to him in 2009.

Richard is a gentleman in his mid-forties. Twelve years ago he was diagnosed with progressive MS. In order to remain in his own home, Richard’s high dependency care needs meant he required a care package for 24 hours per day. In 2006 Able Community Care began providing Richard with a live-in care package. His current care needs are such that an outside hourly care agency comes in a certain times of the day to assist his live-in care workers. Richard has two main live-in care workers on his rotational care worker package; one was introduced to Richard in 2008 and the second carer in 2012. 

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