Clients who are Older People with Live-in Care

Profiles of older Clients receiving Live-in Care at home from Able Community Care

Theresa is in her late 90’s, recently widowed and frail. Theresa and her husband decided seven years ago, that they wished to remain in their own home and approached us to provide a live-in care service.  Their first carer, introduced in 2005 is still caring for Theresa on our rotational system and care cover since 2005 has been continuous.

Paul was born in 1914 and came to Able Community Care in 2008 because he wished to remain living in his own home. He has two regular, live-in carers enabling him to achieve his wish. Live-in Carer T. first came to care for him in November 2011 and Live-in Carer H.’s first visit was in January 2010.

Stella was advised by her GP that due to her age, her increasing confusion and frequent falls, she should consider a care home or 24 hour live-in care. Stella in January 2010 choose a live-in care package. Her first carer is still on her carer rota and the other main live-in carer joined Stella’s rota in March 2012.

Theresa was born in 1917 and in 2010 decided that to remain in her own home she needed some general support. Theresa tried a few weeks live-in care, had a break and then had another few weeks. The experience told her that she could stay in her own home with a live-in carer service and the cover has been continuous since January 2011. Theresa has three regular carers, one of whom is the first lady who was introduced to her.

Able Community Care provides live-in care to several centenarians and Clementine is one of them. In order to stay in her home of many decades, she decided to have a live-in care package in 2009. Clementine spent her life in an agricultural setting and still likes to rise early, spend time outdoors and with her family. Since 2009 there have been regular rotas of carers and the present one consists of one carer introduced in January 2010 and the second carer in July 2012.

Kenneth came to Able Community Care three years ago at the age of 97. He had lived in his home and village for many years and wished to stay there for as long as possible. Kenneth did not wish for continuous help in 2010 just as and when he felt he or his family felt he needed some support. Since earlier this year, Kenneth has however had continuous care and he has a regular live-in carer rota.

Nora was born in 1918 and in 2011 needed to have 24 hour support and companionship. Deciding to remain in her own home her family looked for a live–in care provider. Able Community care commenced Nora’s care in May 2011 and her live–in care package has been continuous since that date.

Nerys was born in 1919 and she and her family decided that although relatively independent, to remain in her own home, a live-in care package was required. Able Community Care has been chosen to provide the care for Nerys and her first two live-in carers are still in place. Live-in Carer 1 has worked with Able Community Care since 2009 and Live-in Carer 2 has been with the company since 2000.

Enid lives in a small, rural town and in 2009 decided that to remain in her own home with her dog Ellie she required some help and support. Her first live-in carer was introduced to Enid and Ellie in 2009 and is still on her roster of regular care staff. Enid is now in her 90’s, less able than in 2009 but has the support of her local surgery and aids and equipment are provided as Enid requires them. Enid’s live-in carers take Ellie for her daily walk.

Norman was a farmer and loves the outdoor life. His family, knowing that it was his wish to continue to live in his own home but knowing he required help as he became frail, began by introducing Norman to a live–in carer package by having odd weeks of respite care provide by a live-in care worker in his own home. Norman was happy with the care he received and early in May this year, he agreed for the live-in care worker package to be continuous. Noreen, his first live-in care worker is now one of three regular live-in care workers on his regular roster.

Sarah was in her early 90’s and was suffering regular falls. It was her GP who suggested that either Sarah should consider a care home or a live-in care worker package. Sarah was appalled at both suggestions but after another fall decided to try a live-in care worker package as the least, unfavourable option. That was in 2010 and since that time she has happily enjoyed the continuous support of two regularly rotating live-in care workers.

Evelyn is aged 93 years and in 2006 she came to Able Community Care for a live-in, short term care package to aid her recovery after surgery. Two years later Evelyn decided that she would like to have a live-in care package on a continuous basis. Evelyn is a lady of order and likes her routines to be kept to. Food is one of her pleasures, in the way it is cooked and presented. Evelyn has several live-in carers who return to her, the first one of whom joined her rota in 2010.

Nell was an independent lady in her 80’s when she had a fall. After recovery and discharge from hospital, she decided to have a live-in care package for personal safety. Her live-in care package commenced in January 2013. Nell is still independent but does have help with her domestic tasks, a little personal care and her carers enable her to keep her previously active social life safely. Nell still runs her home and her first two carers are on her regular rota.

James is 89 years of age and living in a small, rural town. In 2012 after being discharged from hospital he and his family decided a live-in carer scheme could support him in his own home allowing him to continue his many hobbies and provide a safe, supportive care system. James has two regular live-in carers who were both introduced into his home in April 2013.

Rita, aged 90, needed 24 hour care. The choice was a care home or being cared for in her own home. Rita was actively engaged in her community and her church and decided to try a live-in care worker service. Her family choose Able Community Care. Rita has two regular, rotational live-in carers. Both were introduced to Rita in 2012.

Enid, in her late 80’s loves to go to church, to bake and to have friends round to her home. In 2013 after a series of falls which had resulted in broken bones it was decided that Enid needed to have either live-in care or move into a care home. Anxious to keep her lifestyle as independent as possible, Enid and her family chose live-in care from Able Community Care. Enid has two regular, alternating live-in care workers.

Harold was born in 1922 and needs to be cared for due to his frailty. Harold is a gentleman who likes routine which includes going to church each Sunday, meals at set times and a nightly lock up routine. His live-in care package commenced three years ago and his first live-in care worker is one of the regulars on his rota of liked care workers.

Kay is in her 80’s and though frail, lives alone and values her independence. Occasionally she would like some help with her domestic work and in August 2013 Able Community Care was approached to see if we could provide a weeks respite as and when Kay felt she would like it. To date we have provided respite care for Kate on three occasions.

Diana is in her 90’s and in January 2013 requested a live-in care package to enable her to remain in her own home. 18 months ago, support and assistance was all that was required. However, in the last few months Diana has become frail and her dependency care needs have increased. Her care plan has therefore changed and more personal care and full domestic care is now required. Diana’s first carer in January 2013 continues to work with Diana on a rotational basis.

Frances is in her 80’s, physically frail but likes to be as independent as possible. Frances is a lady who likes and wishes to continue to have, a structured day of her choice. Some years back we provided a live-in care package to another member of her family. One of these known and liked, live-in care workers has also been to care for Frances. 

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