Clients with Other Conditions who Have or are Enjoying a Live-in Care Package

Profiles of Clients with Various Conditions receiving Care Services from Able Community Care

Brittle Bone Disease

Norman is in his middle 40’s and has brittle bone disease.  Unable to support his own body weight he relies on his live-in carers for all aspects of his life.  Norman became a client of Able Community Care in 2004 and since 2007 has had the same two carers working on a fortnightly, live-in, rotational system.


Nell in 2007 was in her 80’s, had no close relatives and was depressed and suffering from the symptoms associated with depression. Not wanting to leave her home it was suggested that a live-in care service may be the answer. Able Community Care began providing the service in 2007 and apart from hospital periods, the care has been continuous since that time. Nell has two main live-in carers on her rota, one of whom first met Nell in October 2008 and her second one in January 2009.


Christine is in her 80’s and a diabetic. Forgetting her medication, not feeling able to carry out the domestic needs of her home and feeling lonely, Christine decided with her family support, to try a live in care package. The first two carers who were introduced to Christine were liked and have been returning on a rotational basis since that time. There have been some health problems since Christine’s care first began but excellent back up services are provided by her local GP surgery and Christine is still able to remain living in her own home with her pet dog.

Down's Syndrome

Keith is a young adult with Down's Syndrome. In 2006 he was offered a flat of his own but needed 24 hour, live-in care provision to enable him to embrace the independence. Able Community Care began providing Keith with this service at the end of 2006 and it has been continuous since that time. Keith has two main, regular live-in carers one who was first introduced to Keith in July 2007 and his second live-in carer in February 2010.

Holiday Care

Olive, disabled for most of her adult life, lived in the UK but many of her close family lived in Southern Europe. They were happy to have her stay with them and provide some care but it was the journey to their homes that proved most problematical. By road, train or air, it had never been simple to organise and arrange. An approach was made to Able Community Care to see if the solution would be a 24 hour, live-in carer who could accompany and support Olive on the long journey and provide some of the care when the destination was reached, allowing Olive and her relatives to enjoy their time together. The arrangement the first year was trouble free, suited both Olive and her relations and many more visits with a live-in carer have since taken place.

Home From Hospital Care

Bernard, in middle age, had been in hospital for major surgery. A widower, whose family, although supportive, could not actually stay at his home to help him over the first few days. Able Community Care were contacted and a week’s Home from Hospital live-in care was provided.

Huntington’s Disease

Terri has Huntington’s Disease and had made her own arrangements for her care, but gaps were there that required further cover. Terri has high dependency care needs and cannot be left, so Able Community Care were asked if relief live-in care could be provided on a regular basis to ensure Terri has continuous cover. Able Community Care introduced the first live-in carer to Terri in 2006 and continues to do so. Since 2006, only two live–in carers have been introduced, so providing familiarity.

Korsakoff’s Syndrome

Helen is a lady in her 60’s with Korsakoff’s Syndrome. A strong, independent lady her needs are for a companion carer to work in with Helens wishes and enable her to be independent and safe. Helen's first care worker was introduced to her in 2013 and is a regular, rotational live-in carer, other familiar live-in carers return on a spaced, rota basis.

Total Care

Quentin’s family came to Able Community Care in April 2011 to establish a live-in care scheme under the NHS Continuing Care arrangement.  Quentin needs total care with reference to personal, domestic and social care. Our live-in carers are supported by NHS professionals as part of his on going care team. Currently, two regular, rotational live-in care staff enable Quentin to stay at home.

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