Clients with Poor Eyesight and Live-in Care

Profiles of Clients with Poor Eyesight receiving Live-in Care at home from Able Community Care

Walter is in his middle 80’s and blind and he wished to remain living in his rural Scottish town amongst his friends and well known community contacts. Walter’s advocate approached Able Community Care in 2007 regarding a live-in care package and after an initial assessment, care has been continuous. His current rota of live-in carers are well known to him as one joined his rota in March 2009 and his second one in June 2010.

Noreen has poor sight and some confusion. However, despite being in her 90’s, is independent and in 2012 only wanted live-in care on an occasional respite basis. Noreen had good family and surgery support. Sixteen months later the live-in carer respite service is two weeks on and two weeks off. Noreen has two regular, live-in carers on her roster.

Louise was born in the 1920’s and after she became a widow, her family built an annexe on their home and Louise happily moved in. As Louise aged her sight and her mobility decreased to a point where her family felt she was unable to be left alone in the house when they went away on holiday. Not wishing to move into a residential care home setting, in 2010 Able Community Care was asked to provide a live-in carer to cover for the family absence. Further bookings to care for Louise have taken place since that date enabling the family to take holidays.

Charles is in his 60’s and in 2005 suffered a stroke as a result of which he was registered blind. His current rota of two carers were introduced to him in July 2010 and February 2011 and whilst providing domestic and personal care they also enable Charles to shop for his weekly groceries, attend a day centre, the gym, enjoy pub lunches and, weather permitting, enjoy a daily walk.

Frederick was born in 1919 and in 2010 in order to remain living in his own home, Frederick required support as he is registered blind. Living in a rural area Frederick was used to going out on his scooter but since 2010, a live-in carer has always accompanied him. Though frail, Frederick requires support and assistance only with personal care, but requires his live-in carer to carry out all his domestic needs. Currently there are three regular live-in carers on his rota, one who was introduced into his home in May 2010, one in June 2012 and the third carer in December 2013.

Kenneth and his family came to Able Community Care in 2011. Kenneth, in his middle 90’s needed some help because of his poor sight and frailty. An independent man, his main hobby was sport and he had a wish to remain living in his own home. His live-in care package began in 2011 and his first care worker remains on his regular rota of live-in carers.

Margaret is in her 80’s and in 2012 was widowed. A few months later she entered hospital as a result of a fall and on her return home, recognising that failing sight was also a problem, decided to have a Live-in Care package. Margaret's day had always been on a structured level and it was her wish that this continued. Margaret's care began in 2013 and has been continuous. Her two main live-in care workers were introduced to her within the first eight weeks of the start of her care package. 

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