Clients Having Suffered a Stroke and Live-in Care

Profiles of Clients who have suffered a Stroke receiving Live-in Care at home from Able Community Care

Una, now in her 80’s, suffered a stroke early in 2009 and was to be discharged from hospital as soon as appropriate care could be put in place. In March 2009, the family, after receiving information from a social worker approached Able Community Care to see if we could provide live-in carer cover in Una’s home as respite until a decision was made regarding future care for Una. Care began early in the month and it was then decided that from April 2009 Una would be cared for at home via a live-in carer scheme. Since that time care has been continuous. Una has two regular carers who were first introduced to her in April 2011 and July 20111. Previous to that, other shorter length rota’s had been in place.

Brian, a younger adult suffered a severe stroke in 2008. His social worker contacted Able Community Care and his first carer was introduced to Brian in October 2008. Currently Brian has a two person, live-in carer rota. One of these carers was introduced to Brian in October 2008 and his current second carer in June 2011. An hourly care agency provides cover each day in order to enable his resident carer to have a break. Service has been continuous since the care package began.

David was in his 40's when he had a stroke with physical and mental health consequences. A fan of a range of sports, he enjoys watching these and recently has started to attend a local gym with his live-in carer. David's care began in 2004 and his two rotational live-in carers were first introduced to him in December 2007 and November 2011.

George who is in his 60’s came to Able Community Care in November 2012 from a care home. George who is severely disabled as a result of a stroke wished to come back to his own home in the community. George has no close family so his social worker facilitated his move and live-in carers have been providing care since that date. George has two regular, rotating live in carers.

Brad is middle aged and suffered a stroke which left him needing complete care, personal, domestic and social. In order to remain in a home of his own he was referred to Able Community Care in 2008. One of his two main live in carers was introduced to Brad in 2008 and his current second regular live in carer has been with him since 2011. Living at home with a live-in carer enables Brad to go out and about, have family visits and to attend a day centre.

Edna had a stroke in 2011, spent several months in hospital and then moved into a residential care home. In her 80’s Edna decided that she would like to move back into her previous home and a live-in care package began for her. Edna’s first live-in carer was an experienced carer who has been with Able Community Care for over 12 years.

Gregory is in his early 60's and in 2009 had been admitted to a care home after having several strokes. Unhappy, and despite his high dependency care needs, he wished to return to a home of his own. Social Services facilitated his move and with a live-in carer service, Gregory moved into his own home in 2012. He now has two regular rotational live-in carers supporting him.

Queenie had lived in her home for 30 years and had no desire to leave. Sadly she had a stroke and although her family was close by and wished to offer as much support as they could, they could not maintain the care cover 365 days a year. In 2011 it was decided to share the care with Able Community Care. Queenie now has alternate, regular periods of care from a live-in carer from Able Community care and support from her family. Queenie's existing regular carer was introduced in October 2011 and has been returning to Queenie since that date.

In 2005 Norman was a gentleman in his 50’s when he had a series of strokes. Wishing to stay in his own home, he considered a live-in care package encouraged by his local Social Services department. Norman’s care package came to Able Community Care and continuous cover has been provided since that date. Currently Norman has two rotational care workers, one who joined him in 2010 and the second care worker in 2011. Recently, due to cuts in funding, Norman’s day centre placement was reduced.

Tom was in his 50’s when he had a severe stroke in 2003. After time in rehab he decided he wish to be cared for in his own home. Tom has poor sight, poor mobility and requires constant supervision re epilepsy and dysphasia. To return to his home it was decided to try a live-in care worker option from Able Community Care. Tom has two main live-in care workers on his rota, one of whom was introduced to Tom in 2003 and his second one made his acquaintance in 2004.

Dora who is in her 70’s was cared for by her husband. Dora needed care as a result of a stroke which left her with a left side paralysis. Sadly, her husband can no longer care for her and it was decided that a Live-in Care Worker package would be the answer. Dora has two regular care workers with whom she goes shopping, visits garden centres and has lunches out.

In 2003, Nell made a decision that she needed some help with her domestic tasks after suffering a stroke. In addition Nell wanted companionship, wanted a live-in care worker who would take her out and prepare home cooked food. Thirteen years later, Nell now requires a little help with her personal care but is still happily living in her home.

Shirley was born in the 1940’s and suffered a stroke which has left her unable to care for herself. Shirley needs help to organise her day from a domestic, social and personal care level. Social activity is most important to her and in addition to attending a day centre, trips out are an important part of her life. Care commenced in 2013 and Shirley has three, returning, live-in carers only. 

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