Client Satisfaction Survey Replies 2008

Replies to Able Community Care's Client Satisfaction Survey in 2008

Annually we send out, with an sae, Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires in order that our clients can tell us how they feel about the services we continuously provide to them.

Although, by telephone and other house calls we maintain close contact with our clients, this written testimony from them is an important monitoring tool as we continuously strive to improve the services we offer.

The following are replies received in March/April 2008.

"What do you like about the services you are currently receiving?"

  • Reliability of service
  • Consistency of carers
  • Helps me stay in my own home
  • It gives me piece of mind as I live quite a distance from my Mum
  • Good carers
  • Very convenient and a great help
  • Good carers. SP & GZ are excellent
  • Enables my husband to stay in his own home
  • Staff are flexible, friendly and supportive.
  • It provides me with a sense of security. I get on well with A & W.
  • Regular carers, good contact with the office.
  • It enables me to live at home independently.
  • I have had over a year with my carer, I know her well, also my second carer is great.
  • I have a live in carer.
  • The provision of reliable, honest carers would be impossible without the agency. My Father has enjoyed the company of almost all of his carers. Any problems are easily discussed too.
  • Excellent carers – kind and efficient.
  • Very good
  • From a respite care package – Carer CJ has lived in for my last two holidays and they really hit it off and M feels well cared for by him.
  • Good company but they have to work too hard
  • Continuity of care
  • I like the services
  • Happy with the carers who keep her house clean and tidy all the time and are always cheerful and happy.
  • Generally very reliable, no occasions when carer has not arrived.
  • Satisfied and reassured that the carers are CRB checked by the company
  • M seems happy and content
  • The caring carers most times
  • On an “even keel” care is very reliable
  • Good changeover of carers and continuity of care.
  • They are reliable
  • I like the fact I have 24 hour care
  • I like it because it is regular, consistent and good
  • The high standard of care which the current carers provide and the good liaison we have with our Care Manager.
  • Everything is OK
  • Experienced, excellent carers providing safe and comfortable moving and handling, carers and service very professional, reliable, good companions, good at cooking and the home is clean. Some carers are not good enough cooks, some clumsy with household items but other wise ok.
  • Second regular carer would be appreciated
  • The regular changeover of carers
  • Guaranteed care cover
  • High standard of responsibility and the willingness to adapt
  • Very pleased with the service I have received
  • I like being in my home also that carers take me out to town when I want.
  • Gives me piece of mind
  • The whole package is very good
  • Very happy with service my aunt is receiving
  • The established team works well
  • Very satisfied and reliable
  • High quality staff
  • J has a regular rota of carers who know him well. They encourage him to do things for himself and make his own decisions. All are different which is excellent. Knowing I can rely on the carers to look after Mum and Dad professionally and with great care. The continuity of the same carers is very important.
  • Being free from the stress and pressure of admin, to be able to direct any dispute to Care Manager leaving me free to care for my mum.
  • Enables me to stay in my own home which makes me happy. I get on well with the carers.
  • P & L are excellent and compassionate carers and help S stay happy and content with his condition.
  • It is very good and I like the carers two weeks on and two weeks off.
  • Good quality carers generally and reliable.
  • I like my two main carers, they are very respectful of me and my home and they ensure that I remain as independent as possible
  • Peace of mind knowing that my Mum has someone around
  • Knowing that someone will be there 24 hours a day, every day.
  • You provide an absolutely vital means of maintaining a degree of independence for my Father in his own home.
  • Reliable, pleasant and competent carers.
  • Very pleased with the carers being provided.
  • Flexibility – able to choose who I want to care for me and the dates.
  • Unobtrusive, competent and obliging.
  • Carers are really caring and provide an excellent and reliable service.
  • Very good
  • The service received allows me to stay in my own home.
  • Carer D is physically competent and willing to manage R’s problems always with good humour.
  • Excellent
  • Regular carers.
  • My parents can stay and be cared for at home in their own surroundings.
  • Continuity, friendliness, satisfied with the service in general.
  • It is dependable, if for any reason a carer cannot make it, another carer is drafted in.
  • Reliability, generally high standard of carers.
  • Just knowing that there is company and care 24 hours a day.
  • The carers have been reliable and caring and we have been very impressed with your company.
  • The company, reassurance, helping to remember what I am doing, helping me to stay in my own home.
  • We currently enjoy two regular carers that provide my father with consistency and known faces (to him).
  • Regular carers
  • The certainty that K always has a carer and that she is safe and happy as possible at home.
  • Takes the responsibility from my shoulders
  • I am very satisfied with the care and help I get. They are my friends as well and we have fun.
  • 24 hour care allows me to stay in my own home.
  • Regular rota of carers.
  • Excellent companionship enables me to live at home.
  • Everything.
  • Consistency of the care worker, reliability. They have got to know me very well.
  • My two carers.
  • They provide excellent care.
  • I am currently receiving a high standard of care which I am pleased with. I also enjoy the social aspect of having carers.
  • I get on well with my two regular carers. They give me the best services.
  • Reliable.
  • If carer can drive my car I am able to go out two or three times a week – to town, library or theatre.
  • Advance notification of arrival of carers and their ability to blend in with the family.
  • Same good carers, regular, not people with a bit of paper.
  • The fact it enables me to live at home and be as normal as possible.
  • I know that my brother is being well looked after and I feel secure.
  • They are personal and meet my needs. The carers are friendly.
  • They have been with me many years and I consider them my friends.
  • Carers fully understand my needs and are competent in stoma care which can be difficult to find in most carers. But most of all they respect me and my home which is very important.
  • Reliability, efficiency, lovely carers!
  • The fact that cover is maintained by two very good regular carers.
  • Continual 24 hour service.
  • Can maintain and independent life while still living in my own home.
  • Good on the whole.
  • Flexibility.
  • Efficient and helpful when I have used you. (Respite)
  • Good caring people.
  • It gives me a choice to be as independent as possible given the disability I have at present.
  • Reliability, security and care for my Mother. Two very good carers who maintain a regularity and pattern to my Mothers life.
  • Excellent carers who use their common sense and contact me immediately if there is a problem.
  • Allows me to be more active.
  • I am very lucky to have had the same main carer for nearly five years now. She helps me enormously in very many ways.
  • Reliable, friendly carers. Any problems normally sorted out quickly.
  • The full time companionship that the carers provide to my mum.

"Do you feel safer because of the help you receive?"

Apart from three clients who could not communicate the answer to this question, 100% of our clients who returned forms said “yes”.

"Would you consider your care service to be reliable?"

Apart from one client who could not communicate his answer and one client for whom reliability and personal flexibility can be at odds, the remainder of our clients said “yes”

"Does the help you receive enable you to remain as independent as you can?"

The vast majority of our clients said yes.

Exceptions were;

  • One client who could not communicate,
  • one client who emphasized that she was totally dependent on her carers,
  • one client who answered with a ?
  • and two clients who had experienced an incident with a carer whereby they felt that their independence was reduced. e.g carer had refused to comply with a request on safety grounds.

"Are you getting help as agreed on your Care Plan?"

Apart from one client who could not communicate, four clients who did not think the question was applicable and one client who stressed that a car driver was a strong preference, the remainder of our clients said “yes”.

"Are you happy to contact your Care Manager or other Senior Management if you wish to make changes to your care plan or if you have a problem?"

Apart from one client who could not communicate, one client who felt the question was not applicable, one client referred to telephone calls not always being returned and one client who said “no” the remainder of our clients said “yes”.

Our clients gave us their answer as to whether they would like their carer advice notes sent by post or email.

Asked any client if they would like another copy of the original Policies and Procedures book.

Asked our clients if there was anything else they would like to mention on this feedback form.

Answers either came back as No or with further comments such as:

  • I did not like the change when W was sick. I need to get to know a third person who can cover.
  • P says he is happy
  • Suggestion of further spot checks on carers.
  • With a reference to the skills a particular client required.
  • When will the fees increase?
  • Social worker asking question re carers role.
  • Would like carers to return if I have liked them.
  • Would like to choose carers prior to them coming.
  • More local carers if possible
  • Care plan to be updated
  • Totally satisfied. Would have any of my carers back.
  • Reference to local carers and the care plan.
  • One of my carers is retiring and I would like to have another regular carer then.
  • Requested no mail to be sent to …
  • Reference to Taxi/Train fares
  • I feel very happy
  • I would like some advice when carers change over late re their wages.
  • Two situations which could have been dealt with more promptly.
  • Other carers can point out things
  • VH is an exceptional carer
  • All is well
  • Please do not change my current carers as I would like them to stay with me long term.
  • Excellent carers very good relief staff
  • I would like a review either by visit or phone.

"What did you have for your main meal yesterday and are you happy with the standards of the meals that are prepared for you?"

  • Curry
  • Turkey casserole and veg.
  • Roast beef
  • Meat, potatoes, greens, tomato soup, yoghurt or banana
  • Toad in the Hole, veg, mash, gravy, cheesecake with cream.
  • Cauliflower, cheese, ham.
  • Fish, mashed potato and vegetables. Fruit and yoghurt.
  • Soup starter, pork casserole, broccoli, carrots and mash, fruit and icecream.
  • I think he had fish pie.
  • Cheese on toast, chicken noodle soup, ham sandwich and mashed potato.
  • Fresh plaice poached, potatoes and fresh leeks and then yoghurt.
  • Chicken Korma (home cooked)
  • Spaghetti Bolognese.
  • Steak dinner and strawberry jelly and cream
  • Grilled fish, sweet potato, baked veg followed by fruit.
  • Roast chicken and a variety of vegetables
  • Tuna and pasta bake (at day centre)
  • Rice and mince
  • Baked fish, leeks in white sauce, mash with parsley and yoghurt.
  • Sausages, mashed potato, fresh veg and gravy. Fruit cocktail and orange squash.
  • Plaice, broccoli, carrots, potatoes parsley and tomato sauce.
  • Then ice cream and a cup of tea.
  • Chicken curry, rice. Veg and chocolate mousse (Andrews favourites)
  • Pizza, chips and vegetables
  • Pizza
  • Cottage pie
  • Sausage casserole, potatoes and vegetables
  • Chicken in lemon ginger sauce with rice
  • Fish and mashed potato followed by fresh raspberries and plain yoghurt
  • Bacon, cabbage and potatoes
  • Grilled salmon, new potatoes, green beans and carrots
  • Roast chicken and fresh vegetables
  • Chicken Korma
  • Grilled cod, mushy peas and chips
  • Oven baked salmon, parsley sauce, mashed potato and peas.
  • Strawberries and ice cream.
  • Liver and bacon and mashed potatoes
  • Minced beef hotpot with vegetables
  • Sausage and veg
  • Fish and rice
  • Mum getting good healthy meals and putting weight on at last.!
  • Vegetarian stew, steam veg and mash potatoes
  • Toad in the Hole with potatoes, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, mixed fruit and cream
  • Stew and greens
  • Meat and vegetables and potatoes
  • Fish pie and veg
  • Smoked haddock, potatoes and vegetables followed by Papaya fruit and cream
  • Chicken Kiev, chips, sweetcorn jelly and fruit
  • Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and vegetables
  • Meat, roast potatoes, bolied potatoes and 4 other veg.
  • Braised meat and vegetables
  • Chicken dinner and apple tart
  • Home made shepherds pie with vegetables and apple strudel and fresh ice cream
  • Roast chicken
  • Roast beef and veg
  • Shepherds pie (homemade) and sponge cake (home made)
  • Meat, vegetables and pudding
  • Escalope of pork in bread crumbs with apple, Brussels sprouts, carrots, sauté potatoes, yoghurt and coffee, very nice.
  • Chicken and assorted vegetables
  • Pub lunch but otherwise would be a good cooked meal
  • Chicken fillet, chips, broccoli, chicken sauce, garlic bread and trifle
  • Egg, chips and beans
  • Roast chicken, broccoli,
  • Cauliflower. Carrot, creamed potatoes and sherry trifle
  • Chicken casserole
  • Salmon and white sauce with mixed vegetables (4 types!) raspberry fool and meringue
  • Jacket potato, cooked ham, mixed salad, gateaux and fresh fruit.
  • Boiled bacon, potatoes, peas, carrots followed by fruit and jelly
  • I cannot remember
  • Mixed omelette
  • Liver, onion, bacon, potato and cabbage, apple pie and custard
  • Salmon, potatoes carrots and broccoli
  • Toad in the Hole (home made) and fresh vegetables
  • Gammon, potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, peas, homemade sponge and custard
  • Cod in butter sauce, vegetables and potatoes. Spotted dick and creamy custard
  • Egg and chips
  • Stew with rice and vegetables, fruit salad
  • Cod in parsley sauce, broccoli, new potatoes, rice pudding Fish
  • Roasted chicken and boiled vegetables
  • Meals are varied
  • Chicken and ham pie with peas and sweet corn
  • Steak pie, beans and new potatoes, trifle
  • Salmon, potatoes and mixed veg plus trifle
  • Fish, chips, sweet corn and peas
  • Pasta bake and on Sunday roast lamb
  • Sausage, beans and mashed potato followed by fruit salad
  • Cheese and potato pie “home made” by Wendy
  • Sausage, mash, green beans and onion gravy. I rarely eat desserts
  • Lamb chops, mixed veg and rice pudding
  • Peg fed but I can have jelly or custard if I desire
  • Cottage pie and vegetables
  • Beef Casserole
  • Chicken and vegetables
  • Chicken/veg
  • Meat loaf with potato, carrots and gravy
  • Sweet sour pork and rice
  • Steak and kidney, spinach and mash then raspberries
  • Rice with chicken in mushroom sauce, fruit and yoghurt

The majority of people who responded were happy with the food prepared by their carers, some of our clients are peg fed, some prefer one carers cooking to that of another carer and some advocates felt they could not answer this question.

The above replies were all been returned by 10th April 2008.

Where there have been queries, requests and comments which required contact from ourselves, these will have been carried out within a few days of receipt of the form.

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