Client Satisfaction Survey Replies 2010

Replies to Able Community Care's Client Satisfaction Survey in 2010

Every year in line with current legislation we send out a Customer Satisfaction Survey to all our Clients.

The following are some of the comments received on Client Satisfaction Surveys received back since the beginning of this year, 2010:

  • Thank you again for your help.
  • I am quite happy with my care at the moment.
  • Very satisfied with the service provided.
  • Generally everyone is most helpful.
  • Happy with service and carers.
  • Thank you (Care Manager) for all your help. You are always most perceptive and practical and supportive with ideas.
  • Our two carers seem to fit in very well with our neighbour and friends like one of the family during their fortnightly times.
  • The care I received was excellent (Respite care package).
  • Very happy with service and continued good work.
  • Problems have been quickly responded to and resolved.
  • I have been very impressed with the input of the Care Manager. Very happy with the care.
  • Able Community Care provides a superb service.
  • I am pleased and satisfied.
  • Very happy with the service provided.
  • We are very pleased with the service X receives.
  • Your service is A1 thank you.
  • My son X and I are very happy with your service, thank you so much.
  • I consider myself lucky to be looked after by the carers I have, both of whom are excellent cooks.
  • I feel free to ring and discuss any problems if and when they arise and know they will be resolved, thank you.
  • Both my Mother and all family members are extremely satisfied with the care provided by Able.
  • Thank you for your efficient help, very much appreciated.
  • An impressive service which is much appreciated by me.
  • X says he is a "happy bunny".
  • Everything is fine.
  • Wonderful, excellent carers.
  • Delighted with the carer who looked after Dad. (Respite care package).
  • Thank you for providing me with good, friendly carers and thank you for the speed in which you have dealt with past issues.
  • I really appreciate the genuine concern all staff show when I have telephoned.
  • Very happy with the service my Mum receives, keep up the good work.
  • I am able to discuss with Care Manager any problems that occur.
  • Live-in care provides support when more traditional services fail.
  • When I visit X. I find her only happy and satisfied with her care and pleased to be in her own home.
  • Very satisfied thank you.
  • The service and the carers you provide are excellent.
  • I am extremely satisfied with X & Y they look after my parents as if they were their own. Brilliant!
  • All is well, thank you.
  • Very reliable service, thank you.
  • Thank you for your service.
  • No problems.
  • Very pleased so far.
  • The respite care my husband receives is excellent, faultless.
  • A professional service.
  • The care package is good, the carers are honest and pleasant.
  • Very good service.
  • The care is professional and of a good standard.
  • We have two superb carers.
  • We have a great team of carers.
  • Pleasant company to deal with and the regular carers you provide are excellent.
  • A reliable and professional service.
  • Reliable, professional, pleased with the service provided.
  • I am happy with the constant high level of care I receive.
  • Very satisfied.
  • Excellent.
  • Reliable, appropriate and the care is of a high standard.
  • Two alternating carers have provided stability over more than two years and are wonderful.

One of the questions asked was:

"Are you satisfied with the overall service you receive?"

Out of the 155 replies received to date, one person replied "sort of" and 3 said "no". 151 said "yes".

The four replies with reference to problems, concerned:

  1. Unrealistic expectations re. background of care staff.
  2. Request for a change of Care Manager.
  3. Difficulty in providing a rota of car owner/drivers who were happy to return. The client however was happy with the care.
  4. General problems that were of importance to the person being cared for.

The above were responded to by:

  1. Still trying to achieve what is especially difficult.
  2. Care Manager has been changed.
  3. Rota in the process of being established.
  4. Personal visit from a senior member of the Able Community Care staff to try to resolve the problems.

Miscellaneous information

  • Clients and their representatives/advocates were offered the choice to have their Advice Letters (which introduce incoming carers) by email rather than by Royal Mail: Many have chosen to receive their correspondence by email.
  • One client has requested that his monthly account is sent by email.
  • One client suggestion was that we should also consider giving carers email address on the Advice Notes so contact can be made if required. We have now implemented this change.

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