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Keeping up with what is happening in the home care / social care world is not that easy. There are many reasons for this which are ongoing.

Some of these reasons are that:

  • New legislation comes in but does not get too much publicity, so it escapes the notice of many people.
  • Legislation is changed or is made redundant and again, not given much media coverage.
  • Differing parts of the country provide different financial contributions for care, and services provided are not standardised across the UK causing understandable confusion.
  • Public and charitable organisations that can help with information and advice are not likely to be in place in remote areas whilst care problems associated with urban living are different to those encompassed in rural areas.

The care sector in the UK is a network of many thousands of organisations who each have their own role to play in the industry. Organisations who in addition to providing services also have a wealth of information available to help someone who is either seeking care of any kind to those already receiving care but wish to find out further information.

Organisations such as the Government website at http://www.dh.gov.uk or the Age UK site at http://www.ageuk.org.uk can provide wide resources of help. Many hundreds of other smaller organisations also have information and guidance to offer but are often very difficult to locate and many only operate on a part time basis.

Since February 2005, Able Community Care has made freely available an informative 'snapshot' of the UK care sector by email each Thursday morning. Our free email Newsflash keeps subscribers up to date with social care news, interesting home care facts, answers to the Question of the Week plus news about what has been happening within Able Community Care during the past week.

The subscribers to the Newsflash are individuals from throughout the UK and several countries overseas e.g. India, Australia, Pakistan and Canada.

The Benefits of Subscribing To Our Weekly Newsflash

The Newsflash;

  • is the easiest way keep up with information about the care industry in the UK,
  • gives you news items that may affect you or someone you know,
  • gives interesting statistics and information,
  • publishes a question on a particular care problem each week and gives an answer to that question,
  • offers you the opportunity to reply with any questions relating to problems you may have and these will be answered, usually within 24 hours or less,
  • is based on the experience of Able Community Care being part of the UK care industry since 1980. The company works on a nationwide basis and can therefore impart its knowledge from this perspective.

We welcome new subscribers to take a trial for a few weeks. The cost is nothing and you can easily unsubscribe if the information each week is not for you.

Some Replies To Our Weekly Email Newsflash From Readers

  • "I subscribe to your newsletter which is excellent and always on time!" - Karen
  • "Thanks again, Angela, much appreciated." - Sally
  • "Thank you very much for the Able newsflashes that I thoroughly enjoy reading." - Gareth
  • "May I thank you most sincerely for the recent News Letter." - Lyndsay
  • "I understand your reason for feedback and I thought your newsletters are very good; it's just that I returned to S.A. in May last year. But should I ever decide to go back to the UK for caring work, I shall contact you first as I think you seem to be a very well organised and established agency." - Bev (feedback given when unsubscribing from the Newsflash)
  • "I always find the newsletter of interest and I'm sure my clients would. Do you have any objection to me "topping and tailing" it and sending on as long as you are always acknowledged and relevant links included?" - Keith
  • "I have been receiving regular reports from you for a long time which have been printed in our monthly magazine and resulted in a lot of interest." - Phyllis
  • "I always read your newsflash and look forward to receiving it." - Jenny
  • "After reading the Able Care Newsletter which I do every week and look forward to receiving it, can I clarify something?..." - Sally
  • "May I thank you for your Newsletter, which I have been receiving for sometime now, and always find very interesting and informative." - Stan
  • "Every week without fail, on a Thursday, I get your excellent Newsletter and think to myself - what a splendid lady Angela Gifford is, to keep us so well-informed on matters in which we, as older people, are all concerned! Thank you so much! I really enjoy your weekly Newsletter and have benefitted from the info. contained therein, several times now!" - Hilary

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