Handbook of Policies and Procedures for Clients and Carers

Able Community Care has a Handbook of Policies and Procedures for Clients and Carers which gives comprehensive information about how we provide our care service, what can be expected by our clients from us, our Live-in Carers and the responsibility that a client has in return.

Every client is given a copy of this Handbook and it is reviewed and updated if necessary on a regular basis.

The Handbook of Policies and Procedures for Clients and Carers is also given to our Live-in Carers and also details what is expected of them, them from us and our clients. All live-in care workers of Able Community Care sign to say they have read and understood the contents and are asked to complete a questionnaire to demonstrate this.

The Care Quality Commission regulates and inspects to legislated standards of care. These standards are inclusive in our Policies and Procedures Book.

If you are a client or a Live-in Carer of Able, please contact us if you would like us to provide you with a replacement hard copy upon request if you no longer have your original copy.

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