Holiday Carer/Companion Service for Older or Disabled Adults

Most people have fond memories of holidays.  Holidays as children, teenagers, parents and grandparents, all of which, looking back, will hold special memories. Planning, arranging and then going off enthusiastically for the one or two weeks ahead seemed so simple.

However, there may come a time in a person’s life when thinking about taking a holiday just seems too difficult. It may be through disability, the frailty of age or former holiday companions are no longer there to enjoy time with, so holidays get forgotten, an impossible dream.

This does not have to be the case. Able Community Care can provide Holiday/Carer Companions to enable a person to take a holiday of their choice. A Holiday/Carer Companion can accompany you providing personal care, domestic care and holiday companionship.

In the UK it may be that a self-catering holiday home is your choice, or a hotel you have visited in the past. It may be you would like to return to a favourite sea side town or to a country setting that has fond memories, the choice is yours.

If you wish to go further afield to Europe or to any of the five continents one of our Holiday/Carer Companions can accompany you. Sailing the waters on a cruise, to the fiords, on rivers, seas and oceans, all are possible.

The cost of having a Holiday/Carer Companion is dependent on where you wish to take your holiday, for how long and the care you will need when you are away. All related costs e.g. accommodation, food, travel, excursions, etc. for the Holiday/Carer Companion are additional.

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