Live-In Care Service User Access Form Online

Important Details About This Service User Access Form

Please complete the questionnaire below giving details of the person requiring the services of a Live-in Carer. We apologise for the fact that this is a lengthy questionnaire, but our very considerable past experience has shown how important it is to be thorough.

The Agency is registered under The Data Protection Act 1998. The Agency always endeavours to get a good 'match' between clients and Carers - our experience shows that the detailed information we obtain from this questionnaire is invaluable for this purpose.

Please ensure that full Postal Codes are given with all addresses and STD Codes with telephone numbers. Under 'date of birth' please give day/month/year. If there are any questions about which you feel uncertain, please give us a call during the day or leave a message after office hours and someone will contact you to try to help.

Question: What happens next?

  • You will be contacted by telephone to arrange a mutually convenient 'Assessment of Needs Visit'. This can take place in the person's home, a nursing home or in a hospital.
  • After this visit an Offer Letter will be posted or faxed to you by mid-day on the following working day. (Unusual circumstances may mean that the Offer Letter cannot be sent out so quickly). The Offer Letter will contain the quotation for the total weekly costs.

Question: How much does the above assessment of needs and quotation cost?

  • This part of the service is free of charge and totally without obligation - to all persons residing in England, Scotland, Wales and The Channel Islands.

Question : What happens next?

  • We need you to indicate to us that the terms in the Offer Letter are acceptable and that you wish to go ahead with our Live-in Carer Service.
  • Assuming that you wish to proceed, you will be given a named Care Manager who will contact you to arrange when the service is to begin and answer any further questions you may have.