Why Live-In Care?

People who have high dependency care needs may be at risk if left for any period of time.

High dependency can mean that a person is no longer able to carry out the majority of domestic work in their home or may need help with personal care.

Trying to maintain independence in social activities and wanting companionship are another facet of independence that can be lost through age or disability.

People with high dependency care needs can be cared for in a residential care setting or in a person’s own home with a live-in care package.

Benefits of Live-In Care

The benefits of remaining in your own home with a live-in care package are:

  • You are in your home of choice.
  • You are surrounded by your own possessions, your memories and remain part of your local community.
  • You are familiar with your local care professionals, local shops and local people.
  • You are supported in the manner in which you wish to live, your daily routines, your choice of meals, the opportunity to make choices about how you spend your days.
  • A live-in care package removes the risk of living alone, of being vulnerable, removes anxiety and replaces it with a feeling of security.

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